Real Estate

        The Real Estate sector is dynamic and constantly evolving, reacting to political events and ever-increasing layers of regulation and tax as well as being interwoven with the global economy and fluctuations in currency markets.

        The Real Estate sector has been built on a culture of growth and change, presenting challenges that call for innovative, practical and cost-effective legal solutions. Whether working with investors, fund and property managers, owners, occupiers, developers, lenders, public sector organisations, banks, pension funds, insurance companies or sovereign wealth funds, we provide locally relevant cross border expertise.


        By working closely with other DWF locations, including our Belfast office, we not only have regional and local knowledge that can be accessed for your benefit (be it new opportunities, market background or local relationships), we are also able to resource projects nationally and internationally, delivering tangible value to our clients.


        Our clients include investors, fund and property managers, owners, occupiers, developers, lenders and public sector organisations, as well as banks, insurance companies, pension and sovereign wealth funds.


        Innovation is part of our DNA - by thinking differently, we deliver innovative legal solutions and products to deliver your deal, minimise risk and enable you to achieve a competitive advantage.

        Michael Neary

        • Partner // Head of Real Estate (Dublin)

        Andrea McGurn

        • Senior Associate